For my multimodal project, I have carefully chosen Jeremy Vuong’s narrative project to describe why I believe narratives are so important. His interviewee talks about how experiences have changed his life and affected the way that he views it through a personal story. His connection to this story here will allow me to expand on why I believe narratives influence how to view aspects in life. This addition to my multimodal project covers audio media and how it comes together with other modes to create a strong text. While discussing the importance of narrative in an individual’s life, I plan on also incorporating pictures that have to do with experiences that have shaped my life. With these pictures, I intend on explaining the stories behind them of course and how they led to my identity. This will cover a second mode, visual, and help to explain why experiences create our narrative. Lastly, I plan on organizing my paper and being creative with the style of the font so that the spatial mode is covered. The spatial mode and change of font style with certain words will indicate importance and targeted areas throughout the essay.

Links to use:

Interview Narrative

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